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Board Members

Town of Cedar Bluff

Scott Wright

City of Centre

Jason Dawson

Town of Gaylesville

Jennie Moore

Town of Leesburg

Jennifer Mackey

Town of Sand Rock

James Streett

District I

Tammy Jones

District II

Billy Seals

District III

Jacob Crump

District IV

Thomas Fitzpatrick

Chamber of Commerce

Thereasa Hulgan

County Administrator

Daniel Steele

Courtesy Members

  • Representative Ginny Shaver
  • Senator Andrew Jones
  • Judge Tim Burgess, County Commission
  • Mayor Tammy Crane, Town of Cedar Bluff
  • Mayor Mark Mansfield, City of Centre
  • Mayor Elizabeth Stafford, Town of Gaylesville
  • Mayor Brandy Pierce, Town of Leesburg
  • Mayor Gene Farmer, Town of Sand Rock
  • Randal Wilkie, Cherokee Electric Cooperative

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Centre, AL 35960 USA

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