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Business Advantages

To learn more about the advantages that Cherokee County can offer your specific company, please call the Cherokee County IDA office at 256-927-1805.

More Tax Incentives

Qualifying new and expanding businesses may benefit from more tax incentives in Cherokee County due to the county's designation as an Enterprise Zone. This program allows for lower thresholds income tax incentives and provides up to $2,500 per permanent employee in tax credit to be applied to a company's income tax liability. Learn more about this and other tax incentives.

Alabama Taxes and Incentives Guide

Access to Funding and Assistance Programs

New and expanding businesses in Cherokee County may qualify for assistance through statewide grant and loan programs, as well as TVA programs. Companies may qualify for loans with lower rates, and grants are available to county and local municipalities to help prepare sites. Learn more about business assistance programs.

Available, Hardworking Workforce

Cherokee County and its surrounding region have more than 60,000 available workers with over 40,000 of those workers identified as being underemployed workers who are looking for better jobs. The majority of these underemployed workers are willing to train for a new or better job. Learn more about the workforce in Cherokee County.

Excellent Workforce Programs and Nearby Schools

Businesses located in Cherokee County have access to quality workforce development and recruitment programs. Many of these programs are developed from feedback from area industries and are offered both on campus and on-site at the company's location. Additionally, the county is near many 2-year and 4-year schools, including Gadsden State Community College Cherokee, which is located in Centre. Learn more about workforce training and development programs.

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