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Cherokee County School System

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Vision Statement

The Cherokee County School System strives to provide all students with multiple quality educational opportunities designed to prepare them for success in an ever-changing society.


The Cherokee County School System is using technology to improve educational opportunities for students in the district. The system has a 1:1 student to device ratio and provides students access to a variety of technologies to aide instruction and increase student engagement. These tools allow teachers to implement more individualized instruction, promote project based learning, and encourage students to work at their own pace. Online courses provided through ACCESS, Virtual School Program, and Career Quest, an alternative education program, provide additional learning opportunities for Cherokee County students.

Student Statistics

  • Average Daily Membership: 3,973.10
  • Spending Per Student: $9,052
  • % of High School Students Enrolled in Career/Tech Classes: 85.88%
  • % of Positive Placement in Career/Tech: 97.05%
  • Source: Alabama Department of Education


  • Employees: 497
  • Teachers: 302
  • Support: 195

Teacher Qualifications

  • Number of Teachers: 274
  • Six Year (Class AA) through Doctorate: 10.9%
  • Master's Degree (Class A): 59.5%
  • Bachelor's Degree (Class B): 28.7%
  • Source: Alabama Department of Education

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