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Cherokee County residents enjoy the benefits of lower costs of living, lower crime rates, affordable housing, and family-friendly communities. They enjoy a naturally beautiful environment that includes the opportunity for incredible mountain top or lake views from their homes. They enjoy all of this, while still having close access to big city amenities.

Lower Crime Rates

Due to the smaller size of its communities, Cherokee County has low crime rates as compared to large metropolitan areas. For more information, visit the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office website. Statistics for Cherokee County's crime rates can be found at the FBI Crime Data website.

Low Housing Costs

Cherokee County offers a wide variety of housing options ranging from condominiums and town homes to luxury houses on the lake. Housing options and pricing differs between each city.

  • Median Housing Costs in Cherokee County
  • Median Mortgage: $1,088
  • Median Rent: $619
  • Source: 2010-2014 American Community Survey, U.S. Census


Cedar Bluff

Cedar Bluff is located on the banks of Weiss Lake, making it a popular vacation destination. Full-time residents of the town enjoy lakefront living that includes beautiful views of Weiss Lake, excellent fishing, and plenty of water activities. Residents also benefit from low crime rates and lower costs of living than larger cities.

2010 Census Population: 1,820

Town Government:
3420 Spring Street
Cedar Bluff, AL 35959
Phone: 256-779-6121

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Centre is located in the geographic "center" of Cherokee County. It is the county seat and has the largest population. Residents of the city benefit from small town advantages such as significantly lower crime rates, as well as close proximity to Weiss Lake. Additionally, the city has seen growth in its retail sector.

2010 Census Population: 3,489

Town Government:
City Government:
401 E Main St
Centre, AL 35960-1522
Phone: 256-927-5222

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One of the oldest incorporated towns in Alabama, Gaylesville has remained a small community over the years. In recent years, plans have been made to increase the size of Gaylesville through land annexation. However, the town will still maintain its small community feel and sense of history, which makes it such a wonderful place to live and raise a family.

2010 Census Population: 144

Town Government:
4740 Main St
Gaylesville, AL 35973
Phone: 256-422-3923

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Leesburg is located on Weiss Lake and near the Lookout Mountain Ridge. The town receives many visitors vacationing on Weiss Lake and outdoor enthusiasts. Residents of the town enjoy lakefront living, low crime rates, and opportunities for outdoor recreation.

2010 Census Population: 1,820

Town Government:
215 Industrial Boulevard
Leesburg, AL 35983
Phone: 256-526-8890

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Sand Rock

Sand Rock is located on the top of Lookout Mountain Ridge, offering vistas of Weiss Lake and the surrounding area. The small town is a nationally-renowned destination for rock climbing, having been chosen for the location of a rock-climbing scene in the 2006 movie Failure to Launch.

2010 Census Population: 560

Town Government:
Town Government:
1925 Sand Rock Avenue
Leesburg, AL 35983
Phone: 256-523-5898

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